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Gift of Thanks Program

Thank you!
The Gift of Thanks program was created to show our appreciation for teachers, administration, and support staff at MCHS.
The PTSA is pleased to coordinate the Gift of Thanks program again this year. Donations to this program will benefit MCHS personnel including teachers, administration, and support staff. We appreciate the work of these individuals.
In the past, this program has been able to provide the more than 200+ MCHS personnel a minimum gift card of at least $30 each. We are grateful to you for your past participation in this program. 
The Gift of Thanks program will honor all teachers and staff with a lump sum gift from families’ thoughtful donations. If you would like to donate, we are accepting lump sum donations until December 8, 2021. The funds will be evenly distributed to all MCHS personnel in the form of electronic gift cards. Donations to this program are voluntary and any amount is accepted. We welcome your participation and thank you for your continued support.
At this time, the Gift of Thanks Program has concluded.